Rick Sumner

Professor and Chair, Rush University Medical Center

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I’m working from – Home, which I share with my wife. We upgraded our cable internet access, which actually reduced the monthly cost!

I’ve come to appreciate – Having a separate office space and a basement where I put what little exercise equipment I had to make a personal gym.

Making virtual memories – We now Facetime almost daily with my daughter and her two kids, who are 5 years old and almost 2. The little one freaks out if my wife and I are not both in sight at the same time! We've had a number of Zoom events: birthday parties, cocktail hours, and my nephew’s wedding.

New AAA connections – I’ve “met” more members who have significant teaching roles.

How I connect with students – All my trainees are postdoc or junior faculty, so I have it easy! My weekly interactions have simply shifted from in person to virtual meetings.

Engaging faculty – My department has about 20 faculty and my lab group (which meets weekly in our regular lab meeting) has about 10 people. I’m trying to make sure I communicate more frequently with everyone.

New role – I am on a COVID–19 Biorepository oversight committee at my institution.

I’m watchingOzark. I wonder if Phil Brauer saw this before moving to southern Missouri?!

I’ve rediscovered – I have taken up jogging again since the elliptical is no longer available at my gym (closed, of course).

My guilty pleasure – 2-4 cookies a day!

I look forward to – Getting back to tennis.