This page collects representative news stories featuring the Association, members, and anatomical research.

Selected Articles

2021 Title Source
Mar 19 Presidents Issue Statement on Racism AAA
Mar 16 AAA, ADInstruments Announce Strategic Partnership to Support Anatomy Educators, Scientists 
Jan 27  Celebrating Excellence in Anatomical Science: 2021 Award Recipients  AAA
Jan 11  AAA Board of Directors Issues Statement on U.S. Capitol Siege 
2020 Title Source
Dec 17  New Editor-in-Chief of The Anatomical Record Begins January 1  AAA
Dec 2  AAA to Hold Independent Annual Meeting in 2023  AAA
Sep 9  Gross Anatomy During the Pandemic: Prioritizing Cadaveric Dissection (Report)  AAA
Aug 6  2021 meeting goes virtual  AAA/Experimental Biology
Jun 1  2,400-Member American Association for Anatomy Decries Racism  AAA
Apr 27  3D tissue models provide unprecedented insight into human brain function and disease  Experimental Biology
Apr 27  Is it safe to vape while breastfeeding?  Experimental Biology
Apr 27  Reducing early brain inflammation could slow Alzheimer's progression  Experimental Biology
Apr 27  Researchers weave human tissue into new blood vessels  Experimental Biology
2019 Title Source
Dec 18  Three American Association for Anatomy Members Named AAAS Fellows 
Oct 21  Behold, the strangest six-fingered primates on the planet (also the only ones)  The Washington Post
Sep 19  Did a common childhood illness take down the Neanderthals?  Science Daily
Sep 4  New discovery shows how T. rex kept its brain cool  National Geographic
Aug 9  American Association of Anatomists Gets Refresh as American Association for Anatomy  AAA
Jun 21  Puppy Eyes: Dogs’ Secret People Manipulation Weapon  Science Friday
Jun 19  Award Honors Dr. W.M. Cobb, Recognizes Promising Anatomy Researchers  AAA
Jun 10  Fossils of oddball crocodile relative found in Texas Suburb  National Geographic
Jun  Is there a shortage of anatomists?  Anatomy Education Podcast
Apr 24  Lab-grown patch of heart muscle and other cells could fix ailing hearts  Science Magazine
Apr 9  Virtual reality reduced Parkinson’s symptoms for 10 people  Daily Mail
Apr 9  Oregon woman lived to 99 with most organs on wrong side of body  NBC News
Apr 9  Study suggests ‘rest is best for carpal tunnel and similar injuries  Science Daily
Apr 8  Gum Disease Shows Possible Link to Alzheimer’s  U.S. News
Mar 27  Meet Scotty, the Largest and Longest-Lived T. Rex Ever Found  Smithsonian Magazine
Feb 11  AAA Members Vote to Change Name  AAA

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