Anatomy Training Program (ATP)

Learn to teach anatomy alongside your research career

The Anatomy Training Program (ATP), co-sponsored by AAA & The Anatomical Society, is intended to provide vocational training to those involved in teaching anatomy but who have not had much exposure to either human anatomy or clinical experience.

Integrative Training

The program is designed to help you in all aspects of your professional development, by integrating anatomy training and pedagogical skills with your biomedical research program. (Alternatively, a faculty candidate who served his/her institution in other ways acceptable to that institution would not need a biomedical research program.)

Customized Learning

By individualizing your anatomy training, you’ll be able to fit it into the ebb and flow of your biomedical research. You may train in each of four modules or choose only the ones that fit your career plans. The centralized online resource and course syllabus allow you to work with a mentor at your home institution at your own pace. Mentors and trainees then gather for a one-week intensive summer course in England to solidify the concepts developed at home and qualify for a certificate of training.

What you’ll learn

The program is divided into four modules; two modules are offered each year, allowing for the full program to be completed in two years. The modules for Limbs and Head & Neck alternate years with the modules for Trunk and Neuroanatomy. Participants may elect to complete all four modules, a single module, or any combination of modules.

How does the program work?

There are two components to the program:

Training at home
  • Self-directed learning under the guidance of a mentor who teaches anatomy at your institution.
  • The program provides a syllabus, online electronic learning aids, and tutorials.
  • You will have the opportunity to practice your skills in the classes that your mentor teaches.
  • As your research heats up, you set anatomy aside; in slower periods, you spend more time on anatomy.
A one-week intensive Residential School
  • Takes place in England over the summer (typically in mid-July).
  • Run by a team of anatomists with support from clinicians.
  • Your admission to the Residential School will depend upon your satisfactory completion of the yearly program, as determined by the Steering Committee in light of your mentor’s assessment of your progress.
  • AAA will cover the tuition fee for each participant, plus travel/room/board expenses for the one-week Residential School in England. AAA will select one mentor to sponsor for the Residential School.

ATP Modules

Please review the following overviews prior to applying for the program.
Head and Neck Module
Limbs Module
Neuroanatomy Module
Trunk Module

How to Apply

Apply online.

Applicants are required to submit the following materials as part of their application:

  • Applicant CV (using four-page NIH format)
  • Applicant Personal Statement
  • Mentor CV (using four-page NIH format)
  • Mentors' Teaching Portfolio
  • One-page summary of dissection facilities specifically available to the applicant
  • One-page summary of specific teaching opportunities in which the applicant will be engaged
  • Letter of approval signed by Department Head and Biomedical Research Advisor
  • Additional Application Review Criteria


Preference will be given to those with some experience in anatomy and a commitment to teaching, but who have primarily trained in a biomedical field other than anatomy.