Have an idea for a webinar? 

AAA provides members with a virtual platform to share scientific research and accomplishments and to discuss emerging topics and technologies with the Anatomy community. Length of program may vary depending on topic and need; typically, a webinar is 1 hour. AAA requires speaker diversity (gender, race, geographical); participation of early-career scientists, female scientists and scientists from underrepresented groups is strongly encouraged. Read more about our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion plan. 

Organizers can submit their proposal at any time and will be notified of a decision within 2 weeks of proposal receipt. Webinar Guidelines provided below.

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We are looking for creative webinar ideas in following areas: 

  • Hot topics in Anatomy
  • Professional Development
  • Ethics 
  • In the News 
  • Leadership Skills 
  • Resources

Webinar Guidelines

AAA will manage the technical aspects, market/promote the event, and present the event live to a remote audience. All webinars are recorded for future viewing unless otherwise instructed. Additional tools such as polling, Q&A, breakout rooms and post event Twitter chats may be used to facilitate maximum engagement.

Basic Information

  • No more than 2 webinars will be scheduled per month.
  • Webinars are typically 1 hour long; 40-45 minutes of actual presentation time plus approximately 15-20 minutes for Q&A. Given this time restriction, we recommend no more than three speakers/panelists per webinar.
  • Prior to the live webinar, panelists are encouraged to promote their webinar via various communication channels (social media, online communities, email lists, etc.).
  • In addition to the live webinar, all panelists must participate in 15-30 minutes prior to the start time.
  • On the day of the live webinar, all panelists will need to join the webinar 30 minutes prior to the start time.

General Timeline (a weekly registration report will be provided to the organizer up to webinar date)

6 weeks in advance: Organizers will be required to submit the following:
Speaker/panelist contact information: name, email, title, affiliation, and brief bio (150-word limit)
Headshots for each speaker/panelist

5 weeks in advance: Webinar registration and web page will be made available, and marketing will begin.

1 week in advance: Speaker training session will be offered and scheduled

Technical Information

  • Webinars are presented using Zoom Webinar
  • Plan to participate in the speaker training session from the location and computer you intend to use during the live webinar. Any technical issues that are discovered during the training will likely be fixed for the live webinar.
  • Once you’ve joined the webinar, there are two ways to connect your audio: computer or telephone.

Presentation Tips

  1. Have your slideshow (draft or final) ready for the training session
  2. Use of video/sound within your slideshow is encouraged and will be tested in the training session
  3. Use of audience engagement tools are encouraged during your presentation:
    a. Polls – need to be set p prior to live webinar
    b. Chat can be enabled
    c. Attendees can “raise their hand” to be unmuted to ask or comment
    d. A general survey is sent out to attendees after the webinar, if you would like to include a question on this survey, you will provide it beforehand