The Life and Academic Legacy of Dr. W. Montague Cobb: Anatomy, Art, and Advocacy

Dr. Cobb was the first Black man to earn a PhD in physical anthropology and became the first Distinguished Professor of Anatomy at Howard University in 1969. Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Cobb inspired many through his work, advocacy, and mentorship. In this panel discussion, we will present the ripple effect of Dr. Cobb's legacy in the fields of anthropology, anatomy, and medical illustration through those directly impacted by it. We will also hear from members of his family who will provide invaluable insight into Dr. Cobb as a man and a civil rights advocate. Attendees are welcome to ask questions and learn more about the man for whom the American Association for Anatomy's W.M. Cobb Award in Morphological Sciences was named.

This event has been developed by Black in Anatomy and is supported by the American Association for Anatomy.