Webinar - 3D Printing Technologies and You

Webinar - 3D Printing Technologies and You
Speaker:  J. Bradley Barger, PhD Assistant Professor University of Alabama School of Medicine

3D Printing Technologies and You: How to Choose a Printing Solution for Your Institution

With the rapid expansion and increased availability of 3D printing technologies, many colleges and universities are adding 3D printing “Maker Spaces” to their campuses. However, the full potential of these technologies often goes unrealized. Whether due to lack of training, planning or knowledge, many departments, especially in medical education, are failing to leverage the enormous potential of 3D printing. This seminar aims to fill this ‘potential gap’ by helping you to plan and utilize 3D-printing in education, training, and clinical practice. We will focus on the hardware side of 3D printing, with a primer on different 3D-printing technologies, including the pros and cons of each. Cost, resolution, and print speed are the usually the primary factors in deciding on a 3D printer, but we will also consider printing medium, and how print material dictates the way 3D models can be used. This webinar will present a hypothetical ‘decision tree’ that will aid you in choosing a printing solution for your goals and institution.

Speaker Bio:
J. Bradley Barger, PhD, is an assistant professor of anatomy at University of Alabama School of Medicine, where he teaches anatomical sciences (including histology and embryology) to a wide variety of student populations. Dr. Barger’s research focuses on improving education in anatomy, specifically on the visual interpretation and mental rotation of anatomical images. 3D printing is a fascinating new part of this research and has led to numerous collaborations with the engineering school, department of rheumatology, and the school of dentistry. Recent work includes; creating and patenting 3D-printed medical devices and procedure trainers, and acting as program director for the new MS in anatomical sciences.

2/19/2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time