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Call for Proposals

The call for proposals for 2023 is now closed.

March 25-27 in Washington, DC
Anatomy Connected inspires educators, researchers, and students to explore the latest research, expand their knowledge and skills, create valuable relationships, and discover what’s ahead in anatomy.

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Criteria for Proposals

Topics should be relevant to the broad AAA membership, and fall into one of these categories:
  • Professional Development
  • Educational Research
  • Basic/Translational Research
  • Other – New for 2023: if the proposal does not fit into one of the categories or applies to more than one category 

Content must be informational and educational, not commercial. Presentations that are sales pitches or product-focused are strongly discouraged. Visit our website if you are interested in our sponsorship and exhibit opportunities.  

Session Types:

  • Workshop sessions – New for 2023: These sessions are designed around activities for participants, with less focus on didactic presentation. Workshop descriptions should include details about session structure (didactic 10 min, activity 20 min, etc.). Workshops are structured such that participants can leave with a product or beginnings of a product after participating (abstract, syllabus, etc.)  Workshops will be 1.5 hours. Facilitators are welcome but not included as speakers for the session (they do not need to be included in the proposal at this time). Facilitators serve to guide the participants during activities 
  • Roundtable sessions – These sessions are focused on discussion of major topics within the anatomical sciences. While roundtables may have speakers, most of the session should include guided discussion by participants. Discussion descriptions should include details about the overall structure (speakers 20 min, discussion topic 1- 10 min, discussion topic 2 – 10 min, etc.). Similar to workshops, facilitators are welcome but not included as speakers (they do not need to be included in the proposal at this time). Facilitators serve to guide the discussion phase of the roundtable. Prior examples of roundtables included Pelvic Anatomy: An Outlet for Inclusion and Decolonizing the Anatomy Curriculum from our 2022 Annual Meeting. 
  • Symposia – consist of three invited speakers giving 30-minute talks. 
  • Other - Do you have an new idea that you want to be considered?  We are open to new ideas/formats. 

Proposal Review & Notification Process

Proposals will be reviewed by the following:  Professional Development, Educational Affairs and Program Committees. 
Specifically, the Program Committee will review any proposals in:

  • neurobiology
  • cell biology
  • developmental and morphological biology
  • cardiovascular and musculoskeletal biology
  • imaging
  • form and function
  • vertebrate paleontology

or proposals that combine these topics in thoughtful and creative ways

Review committees have the right to request edits to proposals, such as speaker or content changes. 

Acceptance notifications will be sent by the end of July. 

Submission Criteria & Instructions

The 2023 submission form will require you to enter all the requested information into the appropriate fields. You will be able to save your submission and return to finish it at any time before the June 3rd deadline. Incomplete proposals will not be considered or programmed.

Title: Try to be informative, broad, and catchy. Use title case.

Chair(s): Name and contact information of chair(s). Proposal chairs must be active AAA members. Non-members are invited to submit a proposal if an AAA committee member recruited them to submit a proposal or if they have a co-chair who is an AAA member.

Description: Limit 250 words. Should contain the following elements:

  • Description of the topic
  • Relevance of the topic to human health, anatomical sciences, education research, teaching, and/or professional development
  • Timeliness of the topic (provide an example of why important NOW)
  • Rationale for the choice of speakers
  • Have speakers already been asked? Have speakers confirmed?

Any additional requests/comments on format, session timing or set-up? - Include any additional requests or comments that should be considered when reviewing the proposal.  Such as timing, room set-up or general format.  Standard set up is theater seating for symposia and round tables for workshops and roundtable sessions.

Speaker Talk Title & Description: Non-member speakers are welcome. Should not exceed 100 words for each suggested speaker. For each speaker, include:

  • A talk title 
  • A brief description of the topic
  • Rationale for the speaker's contribution to this session
  • Speaker name, institution, and website

Speaker Selection: AAA is a diverse and inclusive scientific organization. The annual meeting program reflects these principles. Proposals are expected to represent the diversity of the Association as much as possible, including gender, ethnicity, and institutional balance. Furthermore, in the spirit of inclusiveness, repeat speakers and chairs from the previous annual meeting will not be allowed except under extraordinary circumstances. Exceptions include award winners and competition award finalists. In addition, speakers in a professional development/career talk one year can give an oral talk in their educational or scientific area of research the next year. However, as with all programing options, preference is given to speakers who have not spoken in several years and new speakers to AAA. Speakers can be AAA members or non-members.

Questions? Please contact Colby Shultz, Senior Director, Meetings and Education

Submit a Proposal »

Deadline to Submit:  June 3, 2022

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