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Feel free to contact Liz Phares at or 301-634-7951 if you have questions or need assistance. 

Membership dues are for a calendar year (January 1 – December 31).

  • Regular - $130
  • Associate - $100
  • Postdoctoral - $45
  • Student  - $30
  • Undergraduate Student - $25
  • HAPS Affiliate - $30

Dues paid in the 4th quarter (October- December) will be applied to the following year Membership will be current from the day joined (pending approval).

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  All members receive an electronic subscription to Anatomical Sciences Education. In addition, you may select a second AAA journal, either The Anatomical Record or Developmental Dynamics. Both of these additional journals are delivered in electronic format only. Important note to those joining as a REGULAR Member - If you wish to receive *The Anatomical Record in PRINT, you must email Liz Phares at *This option is only available only to Regular/Early Career/Emeritus Members.

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