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“It’s one thing for you to give a lecture or create a learning activity that’s impactful for a group of students at your own institution, but it’s more when you are dedicating time and energy to helping an entire organization move forward that in turn serves colleagues in your field. By making an impact like that, you have an opportunity to exponentially increase your impact on your discipline.”
Edgar R. Meyer, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences



Our global membership is comprised of scientists and educators who research and study everything from humans to fossils to fish. We are that “one place” you can turn to, time and time again, to grow your career, keep informed, build relationships, and challenge your perceptions.

We are #ForAnatomy.

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Our scientific journals – Anatomical Sciences Education, Developmental Dynamics, and The Anatomical Record – serve as the hub of anatomy research. All three are published and hosted online by Wiley.

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