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Upcoming Events

43rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Craniofacial Genetics and Developmental Biology

When: October 19-21, 2020

Where: University of Pittsburgh, PA

Details: scgdb.org/annual-meeting

Regional Meeting

When: November 13 – 14, 2020

Where: Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Details: coming soon!

Meeting Co-chairs:

Dr. Ronald Easteal, Queen's University
Dr. Michael Kawaja, Queen's University

AAA Annual Meeting at EB 2021

When: May 1-4, 2021

Where: Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN

Details: coming soon!

Program Co-Chairs: 

Dr. Ralph Marcucio, University of California, San Francisco
Dr. Joan Richtsmeier, Penn State

Anatomy Education Research Institute (AERI)

When: Postponed to 2021

Where: University of Indiana School of Medicine, Bloomington, IN

Details: anatomy.org/aeri

Meeting Organizers: 

Dr. James Brokaw, Indiana University School of Medicine
Dr. Polly Husmann, Indiana University School of Medicine
Dr. Andrew Notebaert, University of Mississippi Medical Center
Dr. Valerie O'Loughlin, Indiana University

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