Jennifer Dennis

Associate Professor of Anatomy, Kansas City University

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My home office – I had it in the kitchen, but now it’s in my bedroom. My kids chattering in the background forced relocation.

My school situation – I work in a department of four, and I have 430 students. But my teaching duties are done for the year, so my current student interactions are largely via email. Generally, they report they are doing well, which is great news!

Planning for next year – Most of my course materials are still in my office. Not having them handy is challenging, especially when planning fall lectures for remote delivery. Electronic resources are a relief, but not my jam. Thanks to a great resource shared by Dr. Kirsten Brown, I’ve been cruising!!

I appreciate – Physical activity has been a boon, including daily walks through my neighborhood, running, and my Peloton bike (cliché but true).

Connecting with peers – I am talking more with new people via Anatomy Connected, but otherwise my interactions have been limited. I meet frequently with staff and faculty colleagues via Zoom just to chat.

I’ve forgiven myself for – Not wanting to work all day. That guilt lasted about three days. Ditched it, and now my work-from-home life is going swimmingly!

I’ve been gripped byBroadchurch – fantastic!! Jigsaw Puzzle on my iPhone. Baking and working out – is that balance??

I’m a homebody – The quarantine has suited me well; I don’t need to be out and about on the weekends. That said, I’m surprised how much I miss my work friends and our venting sessions. And I miss my favorite restaurant.

I look forward to – My kids’ lives not being in upheaval! They miss their friends.

Milestone delayed – I had to postpone my wedding. It sucked. I was devastated. But I worked through it. And we DID get hitched, just a little later than scheduled!