Anatomical Legacy Collections

Roundtable Discussion of Specific Ethical Case Studies

Recent events have highlighted the ethical dilemma around the history and use of human remains for education and/or research purposes. Many of these remains exist as legacy collections in use, in storage or on display at institutes of higher education or museums. These tissues might originate from marginalized populations or individuals who may not have been given an opportunity or voice to authorize such uses. Given the discussion these events have generated, we will be hosting a three-part webinar series called “Anatomical Legacy Collections.

In this session, speakers from the first two "Anatomical Legacy Collections" sessions returned to answer questions and discuss topics with attendees. Several case studies were also presented for discussion along with interactive poll questions.

Case Studies

You can download the case studies that were discussed in this event here.

Poll Questions

Attendees were asked to provide their answers to poll questions. See the questions and answers here.

Event notes

You can download detailed notes of the discussion that took place at this event here.

Presentation slides